William Aarons Designs is about having a voice. Or, maybe more accurately, it’s about *using* ones voice. Through much my life, I have been a meek person. While I did well in school, I was loathe to speak up in class. I have had amazing friends, but I’m slow to make new ones. I scream internally at injustice, and unfairness, but I have often been silent and looked away. William Aarons is about speaking up and no longer looking away.

There are things of beauty in this world that have no equal, that I simply want to sing about. Some of them we have created, but many – most – existed far before mankind. The natural world, what we have allowed to remain, contains miracles large and small. I have an immense attraction to natural forms and textures, and I believe that we naturally exist in a rhythm with these forms, these shapes, these patterns. But most of us, I fear, live our lives too far from these manifestations of the natural world. We begin to assume the clinical lines, cool surfaces, and sterile expanses of our indoor existence is normal, natural, and expected. But, while attractive and enjoyable in its own right, it is not natural. My designs attempt to evoke those missing natural elements within the confines of modern indoor life. With my textured, formed pieces, some of the gritty miracle of nature can find its way into your living room, office, onto your ear, and neck. When you see these artifacts of the real world, you can’t help but reconnect in some small way. In these designs, I coax metal to behave as its natural makeup dictates, harnessing the very molecular lattice within, to mimic the amazing forms that bring such awe to our planet.

The world is no more black vs white than it is stainless steel vs tree bark. We all deserve a chance to voice our beliefs, and there will inevitably be disagreements. But some of us are better at articulating our passions than others. This is why I use my voice not only to help us reconnect to the real world around us, but also to help others express themselves in powerful, succinct ways. The only thing in our lives that affects us as much or more than the world itself is the people within it. Expressing ourselves to and with others is a fundamental part of being human. I use my voice to help you find yours.

You will find that I have two distinct spheres of creation: that which is decorative and seeks to connect us with the natural world; and that which is human-focused, commenting on the society we humans have built from that world. I urge you to enjoy and explore all I have to offer, and I sincerely hope that some of my work resonates with you.

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